Thursday, January 29, 2009

During the depths of the Great Depression of the 1930s and into the early years of World War II, the Federal government supported the arts in unprecedented ways. For 11 years, between 1933 and 1943, federal tax dollars employed artists, musicians, actors, writers, photographers, and dancers. Never before or since has our government so extensively sponsored the arts.

The National Archive

The online exhibition A New Deal for the Arts gives a brief but thorough history of how the New Deal and WPA supported the arts.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Codename: WPA Bridgeport Project 1

This project is meant to be an imagined cultural program that the federal government would instigate as part of the new Economic Stimulus Project being put through Congress by the Obama Administration. We are launching it at Version Festival this April.

Inspired by Roosevelt's New Deal cultural programs under the WPA (WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION) we hope this project underscores the necessity for the support of artists and the idea of civic responsibility to the greater society.

We will be using the neighborhood of Bridgeport as a pilot program to install fresh public works, sculptures, murals, as well as poster and other media campaigns to inspire citizens in these trying times. We have secured walls, interior and exterior and are working with our neighbors to provide space to show new permanent and temporary works.

This blog is an informational site to keep in contact with participants of Version festival and any interested participants. If you want to get involved please contact Emily at clayton.emily(at) and edmarlumpen (at)

Version>09 Immodest Proposals takes place April 23 - May 2, 2009.