Saturday, February 21, 2009

Art and the Depression

Readymade Magazine asked five artists to reimagine the popular poster art of the first Great Depression. Pretty awesome work. We hope this inspires work by Bridgeport WPA-ers

The Chicagoist has a feature about how artists are coping in these times.
In these recessionary times, galleries are closing down, auction houses are getting millions less than normal in sales for even big-name masterpieces, and starving artists are starving even more. Recently we asked a few dozen artists and gallerists how they were surviving Great Depression II:

New Site for 9 panels

Our neighbor Jay is launching his 3x3x9 panel project and will show work from Bridgeport WPA participants. If you are interested in creating a work on these nine vinyl panels please let us know. The dimension are 3 feet by 3 feet for each panel. The building is near 32nd St and Morgan St.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Extened Deadline + New POSTER Call for Entries

We have extended the proposal deadline to MARCH 7th!
Email all submissions to

Plus we would like to announce an additional call for entries.

WPA POSTER CAMPAIGN Calling all illustrators & designers

Inspired by the captivating posters of the 1930’s and 40’s Works Progress Administration, we are creating a fresh WPA poster campaign to speak to the citizens and inspire the community.

We would like to encourage subject matter that is directly related to Chicago and /or the Bridgeport community. A list of themes and possible subject matter is provided below.

Posters should be 22x14 inches in size (or other size if you print them)
1-3 colors (more if you print them)
and preferably submitted as a pdf. (we will ask for eps files later if needed)

For inspiration check out the Library of Congress WPA archive
To download our bp wpa logos for use in your poster go here

Possible themes

Poster submissions are due MARCH 7th.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

San Francisco Chronicle

Great article by Carla Blank : How to Make a Renaissance, A New Deal for the Arts

"As an artist, I suggest Obama and Congress include projects that employ creative ideas and energies of artists, as did two famous New Deal programs, the Public Works of Art Project, instituted in 1933, and it successor, the Works Progress Administration (WPA), formed in 1935, when more than 8.5 million jobless Americans worked on arts-related projects that paid the equivalent of today's minimum hourly wage."

Monday, February 9, 2009

Economic recovery plans in limbo

While we know the absolute importance of the arts to the vitality of our culture and community, it is not always clear to everyone. $50 million was included for the The National Endowment for the Arts in the bill that passed in the House last week, but this is not included in the Senate bill due to be voted on as early as tomorrow. Debate has been wide spread, but most sensible people know what is the right thing to do.

Article from theater critic for the Chicago Tribune.
Article from the Boston Globe
Also here is information from the NEA

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Call for Entries

Announcing the BRIDGEPORT WPA Call for Entries!
Deadline : February 28, 2009.

We’d like you to join the Bridgeport WPA.
Here’s what we are looking for ::

Project 1, Federal Art Project
We are looking for fresh, insightful works that speak to the citizens of Bridgeport. Works may be visual in form, but are not limited. We are inspired by the 1933 WPA’s Federal Art Project and are looking for works that use this platform to create, motivate, document, chronicle, campaign and archive the current social and economic climate.
Send us your visual and written proposals.

Public Mural Project
We are challenging artists to think publicly, not privately, and engage in an open conversation with the people. We are looking for individuals or groups to join and create a series of public murals in the Bridgeport Community. We want to emphasize the relationship between the people and the community and between the artist and the people. Submit your ideas for visual style and subject matter.
Look for further details... location of the spaces, sizing... to be posted soon

WPA Photographer
We are looking to enlist one photographer to help us document the workings of the Bridgeport WPA during Version>09. Duties would include chronicling the progress of WPA projects, documenting people and places in Bridgeport and WPA workers in the community. Please send us your credentials and samples of photo work.

We will work to help find ways to supply printing, paint etc if needed.

Submit all proposals to :

or mail to
Bridgeport WPA
c/o Public Media Institute
960 W 31st St
Chicago Il 60608

The Bridgeport WPA is part of Version>09 Immodest Proposals which takes 
place April 23 - May 2, 2009.